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17 Dec 2015 
German tooling systems expert BENZ has announced that it has released new catalogs for its BENZ Solidfix®, BENZ CAPTO and Trifix® modular quick change tooling systems. Although broaching operation can be applied to produce variety of complex internal and external profiles, the main drawback of broaching is low flexibility after tool design. American Broach & Machine offers a pressure monitoring option that allows you to track the condition of the broach. Before you purchase a keyway broach or set, be sure of your measurements so that you get the right size.

All of the negative comments I have read here about this process with this tool from CNC BroachTools” are from individuals who took the word Broaching Process of people who have no evidence to back up their claims of damage done by this process with this tooling”. Also Kokturk and Budak (2004) performed an optimization on the geometry of broaching tools cutting edges. Although broaching is widely used in industry, there is a few number of literatures about this process. Although many variations of the process exist, the basic tool used is a multi-toothed axial rod, bar, or plate.

The keyseater machine is clamped into a holder so it is able to move within a too guide to ensure the cutting tool runs true to create the most accurate keyway broach. The Keyseating cutter is clamped into a holder; and together with a feed bar, is able to move vertically within a tool guide which ensures that Traditional Keyway Broaching in Press the cutting tool runs true, relative to the table on the keyseating machine. The length of the hole that can be broached must be determined by the capacity of the machine.

The elevator of the broaching machine then lowers the pilot of the broach through workpiece where the puller engages broach pilot. The elmass NC-turntables are specially designed to withstand the high impact load generated by the broaching process, and can be modified to work on other machines upon request. The examples of typical broaching applications that follow illustrate broaching's versatility. The form can then be chiseled” by indexing into the keyway in 0.005-inch to 0.010-inch increments.

The fixture of the work piece for the broaching was mounted such that feed direction becomes very compliant. The forging , which is 6 inches in diameter and 1 1/4 inches thick, had a hole 4 inches in diameter bored in it before the piece was taken to the broaching machine to be notched. The high speed broaching shortens the cycle time to make the cut to just 30 seconds. Then chisel” away at the form by indexing into the keyway in005-.010 increments.

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